Wood Finishing Expertise and Know-How

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Wood Finishing Specialists

Wood Finishing is Our Specialty

From the start in 1995, Finition SMB has carved a place for itself in the construction industry. Our unrivalled expertise in wood finishing and the quality of our customer service has helped us build a desirable reputation over the past 25 years.

Over time, we’ve developed the most comprehensive expertise for finishing wood, wood materials and components. We got there by working together with the manufacturers who entrust us with the finishing of their products. Our success is also based on our ability to bring new solutions to the industry and by developing a wide range of customizable services in wood finishing.

Today, Finition SMB is a leader in the finishing of exterior and interior wall coverings and many other types of building materials that go beyond wood finishing.

Finition SMB | Finition de composantes de bois


Finition SMB | Finition de composantes de bois

Leader in the finishing of a variety of components and wood construction products, Finition SMB doesn’t limit its field of intervention to only real wood. Since 2015, our orders for finishing services on engineered wood composites and fibre cement has grown exponentially.

Our average weekly production for these types of substrates is currently at 1.2 million linear feet. PVC and vinyl are also among the materials we can finish on behalf of your company. Contact us for more information on these services.

Exclusive Services to the Industry

We Only Work with Clients in the B2B Marketplace

Don’t look for our brand on the products for which we provide processing and finishing, you won’t find it. Finition SMB only works in the B2B market (business-to-business).

To be clear: our business model does not include distribution. We prefer the role of the reliable and discreet subcontractor who helps his entrepreneurial clientele promote their products. This approach is based on the bonds and trust that we’ve built over the years and which are at the core of our growth strategies.

Finition SMB | Finition de composantes de bois


Finition SMB | Finition de composantes de bois

At Finition SMB, we develop business relationships that place trust and honesty at the heart of everything we do. This approach fosters the emergence of solid and lasting partnerships with our customers.

It translates into facts through sustained collaboration, pooling of resources and sharing of expertise that contributes to the continuous improvement of your production. Working with our team, you can also count on our support to help you develop new finishes and new colours that meet the highest industry standards.


Technology Meets Wood Finishing

Our expertise in finishing wood and other materials lies in the ability of our team to always innovate to develop a variety of finishing, staining and treatment options. In order to better meet the needs of the industry, Finition SMB goes beyond to remain at the forefront of technology.

In order to support the research and development efforts of our customers, we notably have a high-tech colour lab. This asset allows us to create the colours and finishes of the components based on each project’s requirements.


Factory Performance on Every Line

Our 32,000-square-foot factory was expanded in 2019. In addition to this major undertaking, we’ve also acquired state-of-the-art production equipment. These investments have enabled us to increase our production capacity and consequently reduce our delivery times. In total, our five paint lines allow us to produce 1.2 million linear feet of material per week.


Our 5 Finishing Lines for Wood and Materials

  • Double production line including a loading robot, preheating and drying ovens combining infrared and convection
  • Single line with preheating and drying oven combining infrared and convection, excluding preheating
  • Simple line without preheating with oven and drying combining infrared and convection
  • Two specialized finishing lines

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