For the Unique and Lasting Charm of Wood Components

Interior Siding Finishing

We Aim for Outstanding Interior Siding Finishes

We provide high-end finishing services on all interior wood components. You can select the colour of your choice from our current palette. We can also create the unique colour that’s right for you, further enhancing the appearance of your components. We use varnish and polyurethane for certain projects.

  • Barnwood Imitation

  • O’gee Molding

  • Wall Paneling

  • Siding

  • V-Joint


Finition SMB | Finition de composantes de bois

Whatever the project, you’ll always benefit from our quality guarantee.

Certified and Guaranteed Excellence

Finition SMB relies on the expertise and requirements of its paint suppliers to offer the best finishing processes in the industry. We have certified finisher status for the PPG, Axalta, Sherwin William, Woodplus coating, MF Paints, Micca Paint and Carver brands. Depending on customer specifications, we may also use products from other brands.

Quality Control

Quality control and traceability processes become very important with the performance guarantees offered on our services. Finition SMB controls the quality of each of its applications with wet and dry film tests, by weight measurement, as well as microscopic examination (200x) to guarantee the best results every time.

Fire Retardant Treatment

Do you have additional protection needs for your products? Finition SMB also offers the application of flame retardant treatment by impregnation for flooring, exterior and interior siding products. Mention your need for fire retardant treatment when you request a quote online.